This is SVEFAB

We are curiously and critically watching over the range of northern Sweden specialties, to enrich our supply of taste sensations. The best food and beverage producers with the most excellent products are carefully selected. Often, we are the sole sales agency with exclusive sales permission for these products. Together with the producer, we often design products as well as packages.


To provide the world a taste of our wild northern nature, by capturing one of the beams of the midnight sun, by capturing one caress of the northern wind, to preserve the wild and capture it in a glass jar, a bag, or a bottle and let you taste it. If you close your eyes you can feel our tastes tickle, and sense the wilderness our products originate from.


You find shops, hotels, restaurants and wholesalers among our clients. Our products are located on airports as well as on trains. In a short period of time, the number of clients has increased considerably.

A taste of wilderness

Well-being and pleasure is important to us. Food and beverages in their most refined form are enhancing the essence of our everyday experience of life. “Tastes that tickles” are collected into our product portfolio. Regardless of whether it is beverages, jam, fish or meat, all products are of the highest quality and provide a taste of wilderness.