Lihkolaš is handcrafted and made of smoked and air dried reindeer meat. Lihkolaš is produced in a numbered limited edition.

Lihkolaš comes in a luxury package. A custom made wooden box with leather straps and a burned Lihkolaš emblem on the lid. The meat is in a black stretch fabric bag. A Lihkolaš folder and emblem are attached to the bag.

Specifications: Weight 2-3 kg plus wooden box. Package size L=58 cm, W=26 cm, H=17 cm.

Tornedalen hosts one of Europe’s last untouched wildernesses. The prerequisites for life are set by the nature. The temperature varies between -40 and +30 °Celsius. The heat of the midnight sun during the summer in contrast to the bitter winter cold, with snow and consistent darkness, demands ability to adapt. Torneälven, the mighty national river, cuts through the landscape and nurtures it like a nursing mother. Fruitful woodlands are created by the light and nourished by the rich river, where reindeers graze in the wild, beneath the same sky and the same midnight sun as bears, mooses, wolves and other wild animals. For generations, Samis have known that the conditions in Tornedalen are perfect for the reindeer’s well-being, and in the prolongation, a necessity to gain the highest meat quality.

Lihkolaš is created by Svefab and produced by Roger Niemi from Soukolojärvi. Roger is one of Sweden’s top food craftsmen, specialized in reindeer meat and smoking, according to ancient traditions.

Simon Laiti, local food ambassador and one of Sweden’s top food connoisseurs, originating from Tornedalen, has provided his expertise all through the process of creating Lihkolaš.

The ambition is to create the tastiest and most fully flavored piece of meat, based on the best raw material possible. The wilderness, climate and crisp air did the most important part of the work. We have only humbly and gratefully refined what nature brought us. If you close your eyes and let the taste tickle, you can sense the wilderness Lihkolaš originates from.

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A taste of wilderness

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